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Jan 17, 2013 11:00pm PST
is not what he appears to be, which is, frankly, an anti-semite. it's not just being anti-israel. he's got a problem with what he calls the jews, the jewish lobby. >> i don't think he ever used the jews as a term, and i think he said the jewish lobby casually. he probably should have been more precise because he was referring in this instance to those who support israel. he wasn't referring to a jewish lobby concerned about general anti-semitism. when you're talking about israel, you have to be precise in this country which is very heterogeneous. we have a lot of different points of view and a lot of sensitivities that have to be respected. i believe that. that's how we talk, joan, in america. we make careful effort to do that. >> right. and peter is right. the neocons didn't do their homework. aaron david miller, the great middle east expert who actually is the person that chuck hagel used the phrase the jewish lobby with, came out in foreign policy and defended him and called these charges scurrilous and defended his approach to israel and to war. they popped off, they didn't do their ho
Jan 18, 2013 11:00am PST
in some years of service in telea eve and familiar with israel's politics you can get into san francisco's politics and i brought this and i know senator will say something as well and we want to congratulate you and all of our italian american community as we kickoff the year of italian culture in the united states and we look forward to joining hands with you to make it as successful as possible. >> thank you very much. [applause] >> all right. and please consider me one of "us". >> thank you very much. and bona tale. i asked senator leno how do you think they say happy chanukkah in italian? and he said mozel tough and i am glad to be here and i am proud to be an italian american and it's been an important part of my identity. i believe i have the soul in my heart. [applause] . so there you are. and i remember my grandfather saying when he came over on the boat he was told the streets of america were paved with gold and found out there were no streets and he had to do the paving, and i think the strongest part of our culture is "the family". we may have our dysfunctions but our
Jan 18, 2013 6:00pm EST
: crews are taking stems to protect six and a half ache israel of new grass on the mall and barricades are going up all over the city. >> that's a celebration of america, the democratic process. whatever pain occurs with that is part of what goes with that. >> reporter: during the inauguration ceremony, beyonci will sing the national anthem, kelly clarkson will performing and james taylor will singamerica the beautiful >>> the fox 5 morning team kicks off the coverage bright and early at 4:00 a.m. >>> inauguration day can be a cold one. let's see what we can expect. >> we'll get a break over the weekend but check out the inaugural forecast. we have it for you here and we are expecting temperatures to drop at 8:00 in the morning 30rbgs degrees by the time the swearing in happens, about 37. you notice a breeze and maybe some snow showers for parade time. we'll bottom out about 36 degrees. >> skipping the scanners. new security changes at the airport. >>> then blaming the batteries. why a faulty leak may be to blame for grounding dozens of dream liners. lindsey, what's up? >> nats gm rizz
Jan 17, 2013 7:00pm EST
's do as esther did when the children of israel were under threat. let's go to god in our sackcloth and ashes," and we didn't have the literal sackcloth and ashes to put on, so we thought, white. but then also as we put on the white, no makeup, no jewelry, and we cover our hair, so that's how the white came about. so the white was symbolic, symbolizing our sackcloth and ashes. then we decided we would do it fasting and praying. every day as we went out there to fast and pray we thought let's not keep it inside. let's take it outside, and we decided to take that fish market because it was the major highway for president taylor going home and going to work every day. then someone said, "let's picket." at the end of the day we kept our focus. it was about the peace of liberia, it was about the future of our children. tavis: i am struck by, and i want to ask you to comment on this, i am struck by -- and it's in the subtitle of your text, but we live in a world where not everybody values the power of prayer. no matter who you're praying to -- if you're a christian you're praying to god,
Jan 18, 2013 6:30pm EST
de trabajo para indocumentados, carlos tiene todos los detalles. >>> israel bem cuevas dice saber lo que es vivir en las sombras como indocumentada su esposo fue detenido en esta redada en la fabrica en que trabajaba en el 2008. >>> ella acababa de dar a luz. >>> sentÍa que el mundo se venia encima y sentÍa que en esos momentos no sabÍa que es lo que iba a pasar conmigo. >>> hoy lÍderes presionan al gobierno para que actÚe ya y legalice a once millones de indocumentados. >>> porque ahora saben que detrÁs de esa de manda de nosotros, hay votos. >>> muchos lo y al ann im operativo morm. >>> extremos nos dice la biblia que una sociedad juzgada por la manera que trata a sus dÉbil. >>> isabel encuentra consuelo en que el lÍder del seno adodice ahora que serÍa inaceptable un plan de reformy gra toria, y un nueva cuenta muestra que 89% de votantes quiere incorporar a indocumentados al sistema y que pagen impuesto y 63% considera una prioridad legalizoarlos. >>> ya es tiempo de parar las deportaciÓngencia, necesitamos un camino hacia la ciudadana. >>> tambiÉn el sondeo muestra cu
Jan 18, 2013 9:00am EST
getting any bang for your $10 million in research and development in 2012? they got the israel one going 24 hours. >> and chipotle. >> i shop and i go to factories. >> i have to tell you, this was an intel that was -- we're not as bad as you think. we're not as bad -- no, guys, have some pride. you're great. >> it seems at this point, jim t is a show-me stock. >> oh, is it ever. >> was there any mention of who might replace ottolini? did you see that in the transcript of your call? >> no. >> what is the strategy for intel? it will spend a lot of money next year. the chip prices, by the way, for smartphones are higher than average in the industry. that may be a sign it has limited penetration in this space. and by the way, there's going to be a new ceo coming in, and we don't know who that is. >> they're talking about a hockey stick fourth quarter that is going to do worldwide macro. that's a shame. because i remember in the conference calls that andy grove used to run, they weren't a macro play. they were a growth play. and stacy, who is a great guy, he says, listen, wait a second, we've
Jan 18, 2013 10:00am PST
relationship with our great ally israel, which included his attitude toward gays in the military, which included his attitude towards making sure that women in the military are protected from rape m military and, many of the, have the same reproductive health care as women outside the military. this wasn't one question. it was a series of questions. i will say and i sent that with his permission -- he sent those answers out. i felt his answers were very understanding of where we are as a nation now. i think he has evolved on a number of issues. the most important thing to me is he is very loyal to our president. our president has done so well on foreign policy. he has he wanteded one more. he is about to end another war. i think chuck hagel is his choice, and as long as i am satisfied with those answers, i will be supporting him, and i hope my colleagues will as well. >> looking forward also on the gun issue. do you think there's a reasonable solution that's possible that we'll come bin some of the things you have add coindicated so strongly for, including the assault weapons ban, and o
Jan 18, 2013 9:00am EST
. the nation of israel was established by god. he set the boundaries and the parameters and the laws for that nation, and he gave it very clear directions for his people in that land on how to treat the nonisraelite. and you can just start reading, and before you know it you come across a passage, for example, that says that you should love the stranger in your midst like yourself, you know? that's pretty strong language, to love the stranger in your midst like yourself. you're not going to do the kinds of things to yourself that some people propose that we do to the person who is here illegally. so when we go to our bible and we read that, we understand that god has an expectation for how a people with power would treat those who are vulnerable and weak in their presence. um, you know, i think god has a lot of reasons for that. one is, certainly, that we understand that these folks also are created in the image of god. they are as much image bearers of god as we are. they are as deserving of respect and dignity that comes with the fact that they are bearers of the image of god as we
Jan 18, 2013 1:00am EST
. the nation of israel was established by god. he said the boundaries on the parameters and laws. he gave very clear directions for his people in that land on how to treat the non-israelites. you can start reading and you come across the passage that you should love the stranger in your midst like yourself. that is pretty strong language. love the stranger in the midst like yourself. you will not do the kinds of things to yourself that some people propose that we do to the person who is here illegally. when we go to our bible and we read that, we understand that god has an expectation for people with power to treat those who are weak and vulnerable. god has a lot of reasons for that. we understand that these folks also are created in the image of god. they are as image bearers of god as we are. we should treat them at that level of respect and dignity as well. you cannot do that with the situation we have in this country today. that brings me to part of the humanitarian side of this. it is not possible to respond to the plight of those who are here living in the shadows compassionately without
Jan 17, 2013 8:00pm EST
government help coming through, on the evil of stability -- austerity israel. >> i was glad i was here. one of the things that is usually absent, there is an effort with the hon neal liberal agenda, everything should be for sale, to vilify teachers, to vilify anything public. the corporations have been in control and this country is in disaster. i want to talk about the american labor movement, who is behind social security, one of the greatest anti-poverty programs. we have to have -- the president cannot cut care for the most vulnerable people in our society. medicare is such a critical program. also pushed by the american labor movement. the other thing it does is to set a new high for wages, living wages for people. benefits, pensions. if you can find a job in america, get past the terrorism corporations do. if everything were unionized, we would have wall street on the run. [applause] >> stand up, all three of you. turn that way. we will have a conversation for a couple seconds. i said to my staff that i wanted to make sure i talked to everyday people who can tell their own stories and
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)